Custom Marketing Plan

At Frost Marketing Group, our real expertise and the main reason for our success is the massive expanse of marketing knowledge that we have acquired through our education and our marketing experience. We know many industries inside and out, and we know what demographics buy different products and services, as well as the best ways to reach them on the internet. Each media platform on the web has a different population makeup than others and different audience targeting capabilities, which we have become acquainted with through statistics online and our personal usage. At this point, we know which specific platforms to use to reach different people from different demographics, locations, and psychographics.

In business, all success is achieved through the accomplishment of goals, both short term and long term, and the best way to detail your goals for acquiring customers is through the development of a written marketing plan. We have a very detailed and comprehensive template for digital marketing plans for various industries, and we honestly believe that we can fully optimize the growth of any company if they implement every detail and action that we include in a customized digital marketing plan that we create.

Our marketing plans are very customizable. We can adjust the plan to maximize growth for any period of time and for companies from any industry. We also cater our plans to the company’s personal goals, whether they want to maximize profit in the short run or maximize growth in terms of customer base, available resources, and revenue in the long run. Some of the details included in our plans include: an analysis of the company’s target market, an analysis of the demographics most likely to purchase specific products or services, an analysis of possible opportunities present in the industry and how the company’s product mix can be adapted to capitalize on those opportunities, what specific competitive advantages allow the company to be successful in their industry, an analysis of the current pricing strategy of the company and recommendations for changes for the pricing, a written log of the advertising and marketing objectives of the company, a full distribution plan detailing what content distribution platforms would best cater to the companies goals and why, descriptions of optimal usage for each platform and what specific segments of the target market they reach, potential changes to the information and the presentation of the information that is currently available to the public, and then breakdown the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the company and the plan that we laid out. As you can see, there is a lot of information that goes into planning for the future of a company, and it is really hard for someone without extensive marketing knowledge and experience to plan out all of the things that would help to grow the company.

Any competent businessman will tell you success in business is less about what you sell, and more about how you sell it. It doesn’t matter how revolutionary your product is if you can’t gain the necessary exposure and customer base to sell it at a large scale. Marketing is absolutely essential, and easier than ever before through the use of the current technology available to the public. This is evident when you take a look at the drop-shipping industry. Drop-shipping companies buy products from producers and ship them directly to consumers while receiving payments that are higher than the producers are charging. This is only successful because many producers don’t have the knowledge necessary to successfully promote their products on the internet, so people who do take advantage of these companies and make profits for themselves.

All in all, successful marketing leads to massive growth. We can give you the blueprints to a successfully marketing campaign with the purchase of our custom digital marketing plan, and we’re just one call away.

Custom Marketing Plan Services:

  • Data Collection: Gather information on internal and external business practices to make educated recommendations
  • Target Market Identification: Determine all demographics and psychographics to target with marketing campaign
  • Ideal Platforms for Distribution: Determine which platforms to use and services to utilize to best accomplish marketing goals
  • Content Distribution Segmentation: Identify which demographics are associated with which platforms
  • Content by Platform: Advise company on what types of content to distribute on each media platform
  • Log Marketing Objectives: Create a written list of all marketing objectives identified by both the company and Frost Marketing Group
  • Products and Services: Analyze the current product mix and the target market by product, and provide recommendations for changes and new products
  • Marketing Adaptation: Identify ways to adapt current marketing practices to maximize return on investment
  • Competitive Advantage Analysis: Identify what is driving customers to make purchases and what makes the company unique
  • Pricing Strategy: Analyze current prices and give recommendations for pricing changes to increase business
  • SWOT Analysis: Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company and of the marketing plan

Potential Additional Services:

  • Website Design: Leave a good first impression on potential customers with a well designed website. Frost Marketing Group will customize a design for your website depending on your target market and field of business to create the most possible online sales and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Intensive SEO Research: A full scale SEO project that incorporates the market specific research and a site-wide audit in order to find all SEO weak points. Once the weak points are located, our agency will optimize the complete site and give coaching lessons on how you can make quick fixes and add your own website updates with search engine optimization included.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisement Campaign: Reach your full marketing potential with a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign through Google AdWords. Both members of the Frost Marketing Group are Google AdWords certified, and we are able to create the best possible advertisement and optimize the bidding in order to minimize your costs while maximizing revenue.
  • Social Media Marketing: Greatly expand your brand recognition to new markets with a social media marketing campaign that includes: account creation and optimization, posting schedule, content management, and coaching sessions on how you can market your brand on social media yourself.

If you are interested in our marketing plan services please call us at (919)-710-4946 or fill out the form below. We will respond within a day to schedule a free consultation with both members of the Frost Marketing team to discuss your company’s digital marketing possibilities and lay out a plan to boost return on investment.