Email Marketing

E-mail is still an important and popular mode of communication in modern society. It is easy to grab someone’s attention with a well thought out e-mail promoting something they are interested in, especially if there is extra incentive like a discount being distributed. Here at Frost Marketing Group, we can manage every piece of this process to make it super easy on our clients and to generate the most growth and business possible!

Our team has managed full e-mail marketing campaigns for multiple small businesses, and have learned numerous tricks to increase the conversion and response rate of potential customers and increase return on investment (ROI) for the campaign. E-mail marketing is a fairly inexpensive marketing avenue for businesses, but with the construction of multiple lists for potential customers and existing customers, it can result in a very high ROI and a lot of repeat business and new customers.

To create the most benefit for existing customers, the e-mails should include relevant information concerning the business. New products or services, discounts, and upcoming events are great examples of information that would catch the attention of existing customers that you are looking for repeat business from.

E-mails targeting potential new customers should include information concerning what the company does or sells, and what the company’s competition advantage or unique selling proposition (USP) is, as well as a call to action and avenue for the recipient to interact with the company in some way, whether it is contacting them or getting directions to a physical location.

Overall, if used right, e-mail can be a very powerful tool for businesses to use to increase sales, revenue, profit, brand awareness, and repeat business. If you are interested in utilizing this tool, let us know by filling out a contact form on our website and we will get a campaign up and running ASAP!

E-mail Marketing Services:

  • Account Creation: Format account to fit the business’ style and needs
  • Contact List Management: Create multiple contact lists for different groups of people and insert relevant e-mails into each
  • Segmented E-mail Campaigns: Develop ideas and themes to target each list specifically
  • E-mail Construction: Create interesting and attention-grabbing e-mails to promote whatever the business would like to promote
  • E-mail Campaign Diagnostics and Metrics: Collect data to measure the success of the campaign(s)

Potential Additional Services:

  • Website Design: Leave a good first impression on potential customers with a well designed website. Frost Marketing Group will customize a design for your website depending on your target market and field of business to create the most possible online sales and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Intensive SEO Research: A full scale SEO project that incorporates the market specific research and a site-wide audit in order to find all SEO weak points. Once the weak points are located, our agency will optimize the complete site and give coaching lessons on how you can make quick fixes and add your own website updates with search engine optimization included.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisement Campaign: Reach your full marketing potential with a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign through Google AdWords. Both members of the Frost Marketing Group are Google AdWords certified, and we are able to create the best possible advertisement and optimize the bidding in order to minimize your costs while maximizing revenue.
  • Marketing Audit & Custom Marketing Plan: After a free marketing audit, our team will lay out an in-depth marketing plan to reach your specific goals and achieve success in growing your brand. This plan will include services that we feel fits your company’s best interest and budget, and you do not have to purchase the service to receive a marketing outline.
  • Social Media Marketing: Greatly expand your brand recognition to new markets with a social media marketing campaign that includes: account creation and optimization, posting schedule, content management, and coaching sessions on how you can market your brand on social media yourself.

If you are interested in our email marketing services please call us at (919)-710-4946 or fill out the form below. We will respond within a day to schedule a free consultation with both members of the Frost Marketing team to discuss your company’s digital marketing possibilities and lay out a plan to boost return on investment.