Online Reputation Management

 88% of consumers use reviews on the internet to identify the quality of a local business, so just one misguided review can turn away dozens and dozens of potential customers and cause you to lose out on thousands in revenue. Our online reputation management will use ethical, “white hat” tactics to alleviate the damage done from negative reviews or comments from unhappy customers or unethical business competitors. These tactics include using SEO to push the negative reviews further down on the search result pages, and promote positive reviews that you have received.

Your brand image is one of the most important aspects of staying alive in competitive small business industries, and losing your good image would be detrimental to your success. While emergency online reputation management services are rarely needed, the security of having a dependable brand image will give you peace of mind when dealing with the occasional unhappy customer. This management service is utilized by calling or emailing us directly and explaining where to find this negative review, and within a day we will revive your image to the best of our ability.

Online Reputation Management Services:

  • Fast Response Time: Our team will resolve the reputation issue within 24 hours of your contact
  • White Hat Tactics: We use ethical methods to rebuild your brand image, and never use hacking or other “black hat” methods
  • Yelp and Google Review Expertise: Our knowledge of Yelp and Google Reviews allows us to utilize SEO tactics to manage your online reputation

Potential Additional Services:

  • Website Design: Leave a good first impression on potential customers with a well designed website. Frost Marketing Group will customize a design for your website depending on your target market and field of business to create the most possible online sales and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Intensive SEO Research: A full scale SEO project that incorporates the market specific research and a site-wide audit in order to find all SEO weak points. Once the weak points are located, our agency will optimize the complete site and give coaching lessons on how you can make quick fixes and add your own website updates with search engine optimization included.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisement Campaign: Reach your full marketing potential with a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign through Google AdWords. Both members of the Frost Marketing Group are Google AdWords certified, and we are able to create the best possible advertisement and optimize the bidding in order to minimize your costs while maximizing revenue.
  • Marketing Audit & Custom Marketing Plan: After a free marketing audit, our team will lay out an in-depth marketing plan to reach your specific goals and achieve success in growing your brand. This plan will include services that we feel fits your company’s best interest and budget, and you do not have to purchase the service to receive a marketing outline.
  • Social Media Marketing: Greatly expand your brand recognition to new markets with a social media marketing campaign that includes: account creation and optimization, posting schedule, content management, and coaching sessions on how you can market your brand on social media yourself.

If you are interested in our online reputation management services please call us at (919)-710-4946 or fill out the form below. We will respond within a day to schedule a free consultation with both members of the Frost Marketing team to discuss your company’s digital marketing possibilities and lay out a plan to boost return on investment.