PPC Advertisments

There is a reason why 95% of all of Google’s revenue comes from online advertisements; they work. Frost Marketing Group is well equipped to create a personalized online advertisement campaign through Google AdWords as both members are AdWords Certified. We can advertise in search and display markets, which increases the possibility of reaching a future customer and expands your potential target markets.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the most common form of digital marketing for small businesses as it is affordable and maximizes return of investment for businesses who have a small niche target market. Google AdWords works by receiving bids from advertisements that wish to appear on that search result page and choosing the highest bidder. AdWords allows its users to target specific geographic markets so your ad for a local Wake Forest business does not appear in California and waste money. We can also utilize our created advertisements to target specific keywords and bid different amounts for different keywords that most relate to your company’s product. And if you win the bid and the user doesn’t click on your ad, you pay nothing.

Many small businesses believe that online advertisements cost an absurd amount of money. At Frost Marketing Group, we realize that many businesses cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on advertisements every month, and it’s a good thing you don’t have to. Google AdWords allows users to set a monthly, weekly, and daily budget so Google can advertise your product exactly as much as your are willing to pay for, even as low as $1 per month. Using online PPC advertisements to market a business is a very useful strategy, no matter the size of the company.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement Services:

  • Campaign Creation: Creating advertisements to show on search and display platforms
  • Price Optimization: Creating a budget to maximize ROI while keeping costs low
  • Keyword Research: Research keywords to identify which search results page you want to appear on to get the most conversion
  • Analytics Reports: Weekly reports on the cost and effectiveness of your ads
  • Conversion Tracking: Identifying how many clicks result in a purchase from your website

Potential Additional Services:

  • Intensive SEO Research: A full scale SEO project that incorporates the market specific research and a site-wide audit in order to find all SEO weak points. Once the weak points are located, our agency will optimize the complete site and give coaching lessons on how you can make quick fixes and add your own website updates with search engine optimization included.
  • Website Design: Leave a good first impression on potential customers with a well designed website. Frost Marketing Group will customize a design for your website depending on your target market and field of business to create the most possible online sales and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing Audit & Custom Marketing Plan: After a free marketing audit, our team will lay out an in-depth marketing plan to reach your specific goals and achieve success in growing your brand. This plan will include services that we feel fits your company’s best interest and budget, and you do not have to purchase the service to receive a marketing outline.
  • Social Media Marketing: Greatly expand your brand recognition to new markets with a social media marketing campaign that includes: account creation and optimization, posting schedule, content management, and coaching sessions on how you can market your brand on social media yourself.

If you are interested in our PPC advertisement services please call us at (919)-710-4946 or fill out the form below. We will respond within a day to schedule a free consultation with both members of the Frost Marketing team to discuss your company’s digital marketing possibilities and lay out a plan to boost return on investment.