Search Engine Optimization

For a web design to be effective, the website needs to appear above competitors in search results. Without appearing high in search results, no customer will be able to locate and do business with your company. Frost Marketing Group’s search engine optimization team is well equipped with the skills necessary to boost traffic to your website and drive sales opportunities. Whether we created your website or you already have one, our SEO services will be positive boost your website needs to be effective and bring in new clients.

75% of consumers don’t even make it past the first search engine result page; if you do not show up close to the top of search results, it will be impossible to effectively use this website to acquire customers without implementing search engine optimization. By building outgoing and incoming links, using effective keywords, and creating content that consumers will want to see, Frost Marketing Group will boost your search engine ranking, guarenteed. A great way to create incoming links is to utilize your social media accounts as link building platforms, to drive more traffic to your website and allow Google’s indexing bots to easily find your page.

Google’s indexing service uses bots that “crawl” the internet and update search engine result pages to match the current state of the websites. When indexing, Google uses an algorithm that analyzes a combination of internal and external links and keyword optimization to rank website depending on the search request. At Frost Marketing Group, we use both Google Analytics and Google Search Console to analyze website traffic and optimal keywords. In addition, Google Search Console allows us to index your website even faster with sitemap creation and fetching services. Our team will send your bsuiness weekly updates of website traffic from Google Analytics, so you can witness the positive results our search engine optimization service has achieved.

Search Engine Optimization Services:

  • SEO Audit: A full website audit to identify SEO issues
  • External Link Building: Create incoming links on different websites or outgoing links to other websites
  • Internal Link Building: Link pages within the website to create a “web” of internal links
  • Keyword Research: We will research keywords that your company should target and include them in your website.
  • HTML Tags: Create alt tags and meta tags within your website to expand keyword possibilities

Potential Additional Services:

  • Website Design: Leave a good first impression on potential customers with a well designed website. Frost Marketing Group will customize a design for your website depending on your target market and field of business to create the most possible online sales and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisement Campaign: Reach your full marketing potential with a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign through Google AdWords. Both members of the Frost Marketing Group are Google AdWords certified, and we are able to create the best possible advertisement and optimize the bidding in order to minimize your costs while maximizing revenue.
  • Marketing Audit & Custom Marketing Plan: After a free marketing audit, our team will lay out an in-depth marketing plan to reach your specific goals and achieve success in growing your brand. This plan will include services that we feel fits your company’s best interest and budget, and you do not have to purchase the service to receive a marketing outline.
  • Social Media Marketing: Greatly expand your brand recognition to new markets with a social media marketing campaign that includes: account creation and optimization, posting schedule, content management, and coaching sessions on how you can market your brand on social media yourself.

If you are interested in our search engine optimization services please call us at (919)-710-4946 or fill out the form below. We will respond within a day to schedule a free consultation with both members of the Frost Marketing team to discuss your company’s digital marketing possibilities and lay out a plan to boost return on investment.